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Bare ownership is a specific case within the Italian real estate market . Or rather, it was, given that in recent years it has made its way and now involves a very small number of houses of which, thanks to the sale, the property is acquired but not the right of usufruct .

What does it mean? Let’s start by saying that holding bare ownership of a property means becoming owners of it, but without the right to go and live there immediately. When an owner sells the bare ownership of the house , he is transferring ownership of the property to the buyer (walls, structures, etc.), keeping for himself – generally until the moment he is alive – the right to freely enjoy the property immobile

What are the advantages of bare ownership for those who sell the house

Those who are about to sell a house should consider selling bare ownership if they are interested in immediately collecting a certain amount that can allow them to improve their living conditions , for example helping their children to buy their house or to support certain investments concerning personal or professional life, without however having to deprive oneself of a fundamental economic asset .

There is also another element to take into consideration: in times of uncertain economy and difficulty in obtaining mortgages from lenders , Italians have turned with renewed interest to solutions for buying homes that guarantee lower prices . In fact, this is the case for bare ownership , one of the main choices for those who want to buy a property while saving money and without having to wait too long. But what are the advantages of buying the bare ownership of a property? Let’s see them together.

Why buying bare ownership is convenient

Let’s start by saying that buying the bare ownership of a property means paying it much less than its market price. Let’s leave aside the calculation of the value per square meter : the price of a property purchased in this way must necessarily be calculated starting from specific usufruct calculation tables for tax purposes drawn up by the Ministry of the Interior.