Romania Tours And Vacations Guide

You might be sitting in your office chair, a little bored, thinking, ‘I need to go on holiday. But what do you do when you can’t even afford the airfare? We have fantastic suggestions for Romania tours and vacations, which will thoroughly tickle your travel-loving taste buds. Get more info here

Romania is an exotic Eastern European country with a rich history and abundant natural resources. It’s got dramatic mountains, forests full of wildlife, medieval towns, and serene lakes – oh, did we mention that it also boasts one of the world’s most famous castles at Bran? You see: you won’t be disappointed.

The Best Romania Tours And Vacations:

To help you decide on your perfect Romania trip, we have suggested some of the most popular tours and vacations.

Romania Tours: Sightseeing Highlights Of The Country

This fantastic tour of the country will drive you through Transylvania, the Carpathian Mountains, and Maramures. This is a varied area with lowland plains to mountainous regions and stretches from the capital city Bucharest in the north to Constanta in the south. Highlights of the tour include:

Romania Tours And Vacations Guide

The Stara Zagora Fortress

Bucharest – is one of the oldest and most majestic cities in Romania. Notable buildings include the Tudor Palace, the National Art Museum, and the Great Cathedral. Also, look out for the handsome town hall and St. George’s Church on Bran Castle, with its famous 15th century stained glass windows.

Bran Castle – boasting a castle complex built in 1230 by Matei Gothicul (Matei Corvin), this is one of Romania’s most impressive castles. You’ll see hundreds of understated yet classy rooms, a huge dining hall, and an elaborately decorated clock tower.

Many people come to Bucharest for the fantastic sights, but many don’t realize that it is Romania’s business capital too. This incredible tour will drive you through the city and let you explore some of the businesses here, including:

Oltchim – a multinational company that makes petrochemicals and chemicals.

EuroChem – one of Romania’s biggest chemical companies, produces a wide range of energy based products, from electricity to chemicals.

Bucharest Airport – a cornerstone of Romanian aviation when it opened in 1930; these days it’s used for domestic flights only although plans are to expand it and make international connections possible. You’ll see the air traffic control tower and some planes on the tarmac.