interior design bangkok

Interior design is the process of designing interior spaces and furnishing them. It can also extend to the selection of products and fittings within these spaces. The design process considers factors such as: climate, people’s behavior, level of maintenance, life cycle, and cost.

Creative ways to display artwork in interiors

Using existing features

This is quite a common situation in most commercial establishments. You see a lot of hangings or wall brackets on the walls in offices – and these are good places to display artwork. They are not too expensive and are easily available in stores like hardware and home store. In stores, you can also find wall brackets especially designed for displaying art works.

Placement around the room or office

This is a very interesting idea to display artwork in an office for interior designer bangkok. You have got four walls to hang up your framed artworks so why not put them around the room? For instance, you can hang your paintings on the wall opposite to the windows or place them on different walls such as behind glass doors. This is a good way to include artworks in your office decor.

Grouping them on the wall

interior design bangkok

Now, this idea is more suited to hangings such as paintings and not photographs as you can get prints made of them. For instance, if you are showing a photographic collection where the subject is not repeated, group together at least 5 or more of the same subject on a single framed art print and place them either horizontally or vertically. This creates an interesting effect when you walk into a room or pass by it.

Create a mosaic wall

Mosaic wall is another creative idea on how to display artwork in your office or other rooms. This idea can be used to display framed art works, sculptures, and photographs. As you will not have one large painting, the standard mosaic pattern can be used here and the main angle of the picture taken up at 45 degrees. It does require some effort but is definitely worthwhile and interesting looking.

Using an art frame

This is a good idea for you as it not only serves the purpose of displaying art but also it acts as an art frame. So, if you want to show an image from your favorite movie or television series then use frames to hang up the same image on more than one wall. This makes it more interesting and looks more attractive.