Video Arcade

Visiting a family-oriented video amusement establishment, you come for fun with your buddies and family for the traditional, retro games. The vast range of excellent video arcade games will never end up with newmarket events with choices for a day of fun.

After playing your preferred game, you step into the Prize shop to get your most wanted reward. Most significantly, a gaming arcade will ensure your safety, so you will always return to play your favorite games.

newmarket events

 Not only will you play your favorite game here, but also you can Party in at the gaming arcade facility, which is the best way to relish your next birthday!

  1. For School Students And Youth Groups To Have Fun
  • Gaming arcade welcomes all the school groups to play there, leaves all their tedious work behind, tests their talents, and celebrates the wins.
  • Take an interval from the books, and make fun memories with your school buddies.
  • If the School holidays are going on and you want an excellent activity for your kids, then the gaming arcade is jam-bursting with fun.
  • Youth groups also head into local gaming arcade venues to experience Mario’s squad, ski ball, shoot hoops, etc.
  • The gaming arcade is perfect for Youth Groups to make memories, have laughter, and have stress-free entertainment.
  1. Kids and Teen’s Birthday Parties
  • You can also take your baby’s birthday party to a new tier in a gaming arcade.
  • Reserve one of the kids’ parties today, and they will guarantee a fantastic party that will make your kid’s wishes come true.
  • Here you can lookat which type of facilities you get,
  1. From the Three types of fantastic party packages to pick from
  2. The simple booking process for newmarket events
  3. A trustworthy host who helps you with all planning for that day
  4. Offer various exciting arcade games
  5. Provide Subway food platters.
  6. No pre-party anxiety
  7. No post-party clean-ups
  1. Group and Work Parties
  •  For office or corporate meetings, assembling for dinner at a nearby restaurant does not accomplish it, and you must do something better for them with entertainment for the whole group.
  • Whether it be an end-of-season celebration, a Christmas party, or an annual get-together, the gaming arcade will help you to get sorted with Group and Corporate packages below.
  1. Select from four excellent packages that feature exciting arcade games and attractions, like, bowling, glow-in-the-dark, laser tag, golf, and more.
  2. Once you step into a gaming arcade facility, you enter the no-stress area.
  3. You take your concentration off work, and it is time to begin the Party!
  4. They have various party packages to fit your needs, tastes, and budget.


The gaming arcade has a combination of games and activities. You will indeed discover at least one game or activity of your attraction. Whether bowling, laser spy, laser tag, golf, or glow-in-the-dark, it has enlightened you and excited you with the breathtaking concept of the gaming revolution. Most importantly, remember the “laser fighting.