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Jersey Central Power & Light is an energy company that serves 1.1 million customers across central and northern New Jersey. It is a subsidiary of FirstEnergy and is a member of the FirstEnergy Group.

JCP&L rates are available for a variety of plans and options to meet your particular requirements. For example, you may want to pay less for electricity than your neighbors, change energy suppliers or buy renewable energy that helps the environment.

NJ Energy Choice

New Jersey deregulation allows residents to choose the best energy provider for their needs. Utilizing the Power Switch website, New Jersey residents can look for a reliable electricity provider that offer attractive plans and lower rates.

The ace Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act of 1999 was the first step in the deregulation of electricity. Energy customers have had the chance to find competitive energy companies that offer attractive rates and plans that match their lifestyles ever since.

If you’re looking to cut costs on your monthly utility bill by comparing NJ electric rates with other providers is the most effective method to find the most affordable option for your area. Enter your zip code in our no-cost, no-obligation tool to view the cheapest rates near you.

How can I compare Jersey Central Power & Light rates?

The Price to Compare (PTC), rate that you pay on your JCP&L electricity bills, is the most effective way to compare JCP&L rates. The PTC is the standard rate that the electric company charges per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Another way to compare electricity prices is to look at your current expenses. The cost of electricity can be calculated in cents per kWh or in percentages of the total amount you spent.

A tool dubbed the Electric Supply Charge can be used to determine how much you pay for your energy supply. It can also be used to compare it to other providers charges. This can help you make an informed decision about whether or not switching to a different supplier is worth the cost.

Community Energy Aggregation Programs

Many towns in New Jersey offer a program that lets residents pool their energy consumption with others to reduce their electric bill. These programs are monitored and administered by the NJ Board of Public Utilities. They are generally more cost-effective than the standard JCP&L rate.

Net Metering

If you have an array of solar panels, you can also offset your monthly electricity cost by selling the excess energy produced by your solar panels back to the grid via JCP&L’s net metering program. These programs are a great way for you to cut down on your energy bills while also helping the environment.

Scammers may pose as representatives of JCP&L and other providers if you’re thinking of switching your energy provider. These scammers often call or visit your home to ask for details and ask for sensitive personal data like social security numbers, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers. If you are unsure about the person who claims to be from JCP&L or another electricity provider, call them back and ask for proof of their identity.