Tasmania, renowned for its pristine landscapes, offers a unique opportunity to witness the mesmerizing Southern Lights, also known as the Aurora Australis. Join a Tasmania southern lights tour  that not only promises celestial wonders but also provides shared moments of rest and reflection under the southern skies.

  1. Aurora Chasing in Freycinet National Park:

Key Experiences:

Stargazing Beach Camp: Set up a stargazing camp on secluded beaches in Freycinet National Park, offering uninterrupted views of the southern skies.

Guided Night Walks: Embark on guided night walks with expert astronomers, exploring the natural beauty of Freycinet while awaiting the appearance of the Southern Lights.

Astrophotography Workshops: Learn the art of astrophotography during workshops led by experienced photographers, capturing the celestial dance of the Aurora Australis.

  1. Cradle Mountain Southern Lights Retreat:

Key Experiences:

Lakeside Reflections: Stay in lodges overlooking Dove Lake at the base of Cradle Mountain, providing a tranquil setting for reflection and celestial observations.

Evening Fireside Gatherings: Gather around evening firesides, sharing stories and insights while awaiting the appearance of the Southern Lights.

Guided Constellation Tours: Engage in guided constellation tours, deepening your connection with the night sky and the Southern Hemisphere’s celestial wonders.

  1. Tasman Peninsula Coastal Aurora Expedition:

Key Experiences:

Coastal Cliffs Observatory: Explore the coastal cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula, where a purpose-built observatory offers panoramic views of the Southern Lights.

Nightly Aurora Updates: Receive nightly updates from resident astronomers, increasing the chances of witnessing the Aurora Australis during its most active phases.

Cruise under the Lights: Opt for a boat cruise beneath the Southern Lights, providing a unique perspective and shared moments of awe with fellow travelers.

Practical Tips for a Southern Lights Tour in Tasmania:

Weather Updates: Choose tours with real-time weather updates, increasing the chances of witnessing the Southern Lights during clear nights.

Local Guides: Opt for tours led by local guides and astronomers who possess in-depth knowledge of the Southern Lights and the night sky in Tasmania.

Comfortable Accommodations: Prioritize accommodations that offer comfort and convenience, ensuring a restful experience between celestial observations.

Photography Opportunities: Seek tours that cater to photography enthusiasts, providing opportunities to capture the Southern Lights in all their glory.

Small Group Settings: Consider tours with small group settings, fostering a sense of community and shared moments of reflection with fellow travelers.


Embark on a Tasmania southern lights tour, where celestial wonders become a backdrop for shared moments of rest and reflection. Whether on the beaches of Freycinet or beneath the iconic Cradle Mountain, these tours promise an unforgettable celestial journey in the southern skies of Tasmania.