Moroccan rugs are the textile floor coverings. These rugs are mainly hand-woven in Morocco by the tribal people. Moroccan rugs are the type of rug that can give someone the ultimate luxury as well as culture. Some of the important facts about Moroccan rugs have been discussed in this article.

Top characteristics to know about the Moroccan rugs

Below are some of the important characteristics of the Moroccan rugs to know about:

  1. By keeping in view Morocco’s climate, thicker rugs are mainly made for colder places. This includes high-altitude places like the mountains. The thinner rugs were mainly used in hotter places. This is mainly found at low elevations like the Sahara desert.
  2. The amount of movement of the tribes of Morocco from one place mainly influences the sizes of woven rugs. These rug sizes mainly range from 5 to 7 feet in width as well as from 3 to 10 meters in length. But the size can be customized depending on the customer’s preference.
  3. Moroccan-style rugs are very unique in nature. No two rugs mainly look alike. These rugs are mainly hand-woven by tribal women. They mainly use their hands to include some of the symbolic languages as well as their personal experiences in the rugs

Earlier the Moroccan rugs were mainly made from pure sheep wool of different thicknesses depending on the region. The rugs are mainly made from thicker piles of wool made for the colder as well as the snowy Atlas Mountains. Moroccan rugs are mainly produced in large quantities by using different materials like cotton, nylon, as well as olefin together with wool.