Selling Your House During a Downsize

Many homeowners are aware of the advantages of selling their home to a nearby homeowner. Higher property values, reduced commission costs and upfront cash can all be taken advantage of! But these same people may not be aware of all the other potential advantages that come along with selling to an investor. For most people, selling their house is an exciting milestone that brings feelings of pride, accomplishment and independence – although emotional stress and financial confusion can often accompany this decision. So why would you want to consider selling your house to an investor? Here are compelling reasons why:

Sell Your House Now

It’s a big decision and selling your home takes time. You might need to secure a realtor and wait for the right buyer, as well as cleaning, preparing and restricting access during showings – all of which can be an annoying chore. With investors, however, all these hassles are taken care of for you – accepting cash offers right away so there’s no need for any of that if the deal has already been made and life can move on with ease. Find out about our services by visiting:

Avoid Real Estate Brokers

Real estate brokers can be an invaluable part of the selling process, but they also charge a commission. Usually, this percentage ranges from 6% to 6 1/2% of the selling price. Selling your home directly to an investor eliminates this fee entirely – so why would you ever need a realtor? If it’s that easy, why would you even think about hiring one?

No Commission Charged

Selling your house directly to an investor means you won’t have to pay a commission for their services. Instead, the payment is made after closing and negotiable as well. Many realtors are willing to work with people looking to sell their homes but charge a high commission. If possible, avoid realtors altogether and sell directly to investors instead, you could potentially make more money from the deal overall.

Bypass Real Estate Brokers

Even if you lack prior experience in the real estate world, that doesn’t mean that you don’t understand fees associated with it. Selling your house to an investor is a straightforward process that doesn’t require any commission. By selling directly to an investor, however, you won’t need to pay any realtor fees associated with it.